What are bearings??

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    A plane is heading due south with an airspeed of 211 mph. A wind from a direction of 53 degrees is blowing at 17 mph. Find the bearing of the plane. (Note that bearings are measured from north, clockwise.) Round results to

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    The bearing of A from B is 060 degrees. What is the bearing of B from A? Is it: a) 60 degrees b) 240 degrees c) 120 degrees d) 200 degrees p.s. The questions I sent earlier was an acccident To get reciprocal bearings, add 180

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    A bridge is to be built across a small lake from a gazebo to a dock. The bearing from the gazebo to the dock is S 41° W. From a tree x = 100 meters from the gazebo, the bearings to the gazebo and the dock are S 74° E and S 28°

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