An electric post was broken by a strong typhoon.It formed a right triangle with the ground.If a broken part makes an angle of 25 degrees with the other part,and the topmost part of the post which is post which is on the ground is 40 ft from the base,how tall was the post?

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  1. Y = 40 Ft = Hor. side = The side opposite the 25-Deg angle.
    X = Ver. side.
    r = hyp.

    sin25 = Y/r = 40 / r.
    r = 40 / sin25 = 94.6 Ft.

    tan25 = Y/X = 40 / X.
    X = 40 / tan25 = 85.8 Ft.

    h = X + r = 85.8 + 94.6 = 180.4 Ft.

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