A bullet of mass of 30g and travelling at a speed of 200msˉ¹ embeds itself in a wooden block. The bullet penetrates a distance of 12cm into the wood. Using the concepts of work done by a force and kinetic energy, determine the average resistive force acting on the bullet.

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  1. Kinetic energy = work of resistive force
    mv^2/2= W= F•s•cosα
    cosα = 1
    F= mv^2/2•s=0.03•(200)^2/2•0.12=5000 N

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  2. heloo

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  3. Kinetic energy = work of resistive force
    mv^2/2= W= F•s•cosα
    cosα = -1(α=180 deg.)
    -F= mv^2/2•s=0.03•(200)^2/2•0.12=5000N

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