Algebra II

The problem is 5x to the 3rd times (7x)squared.

I multiplied (7x)(7x) first and got x squared + 14x + 49. Then I multiplied each of those by 5x to the 3rd and came up with an answer of: 5x to the 5th + 70x to the 4th + 245x to the 3rd. Did I get this one correct??

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asked by Lucy
  1. <<I multiplied (7x)(7x) first and got x squared + 14x + 49.>>

    Well you did that wrong, as well as some other steps.
    (7x)^2 = 49x^2
    The polynomial you wrote is (x+7)^2

    5x^3*(7x)^2 = 5*49 x^5 = 245 x^5

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    posted by drwls

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