Algebra Sq Rt

This looks like a trick question

(sqrt3+5 sqrt6)(sqrt3-5 sqrt6)

Do I sq 3 or do I add 3 and 5 first?
I think I have to do the same to both sides.

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  1. Here's a clue: (a+b) (a-b) = a^2 - b^2
    Your problem is in that form. a and b can be anything.

    Just take the difference of the squares of the two terms, sqrt 3 and 5 sqrt6. Then you will have the answer. It will be a negative integer.

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  2. 3sqrt is 9
    6sq rt is 36
    I add 5 to one and subtract 5 from the other? 50 and 55, then I am supposed to multiply? 50x55=2750? Or is the difference -5?

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