Math(Please check)

(0.50M)(3.50mL) = c2(75.00)

c2= 2.3e-2

Is this correct?

asked by Hannah
  1. Yes this appears to be

    posted by Amanda Mosley
  2. What about (0.50)(1.75) = c2(75.00)


    Is this correct in terms of correct number of sig figs?

    posted by Hannah
  3. Ok try the problem again then comeback something is off you sisnt multiply incorrectly did you

    posted by Amanda Mosley
  4. I got 0.011666667 so for correct sig figs is that 1.16e-2 or 1.1e-2?

    posted by Hannah
  5. 1.1e it diesnt have six in the answer

    posted by Amanda Mosley
  6. So are you saying that's not the answer????

    posted by Hannah

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