Please can you check the following, thankyou.

je vais acheter
tu vas acheter
il/elle acheter
nous allons acheter
vous allez acheter
ils/elles vont acheter

je acheterai
tu acheteras
il/elle achetera
nous acheterons
vous acheterez
ils/elles acheteront

i have to do the same for faire, arriver, boire, commencer, descendre, aller, vendre, finir, habiter, regarder, louer and manger.

would i add ai, as a, ons, ez, ont onto the words as above?

asked by dan
  1. il/elle acheter will be il/elle VA acheter

    je acheterai will be written j'acheterai

    posted by Raf
  2. thank you

    posted by dan

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