AP US History

I have and essay on why muckrakers were better than roosevelt thought. i have examples of muckrakers. i just need to find out what legislation or action their works promoted. Here is the list of muckrakers...
Lincoln Steffens
Ida Tarbell
Ray Bakers
John Spargo
Samuel Hopkins Adams

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  1. Since you're in AP history, I'm sure you'd be insulted if I did your research for you. :-)

    You can find much information about these men by Googling each name separately. You'll probably also find information in Wikipedia and http://encarta.msn.com/

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    Ms. Sue
  2. Here are a number of sites on the muckrakers.


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  3. Who was the first Black tennis player to be named to the Davis Cup Team?
    What state elected the first Black governor?
    Who was America’s first Black general in the USAir Force?
    Who was America’s first Black general in the U.S. Army?
    Who was the first Black actor to win and Emmy?
    Who was the first Black American at the North Pole?
    Who am I? I was born in Roxbury, MA I was the first Black nurse in the United States in 1879. I graduated from the New England Hospital for Women and Children School of Nursing in 1879. Hospitals refused to allow Black nurses to work, and so I worked in private homes for over forty years.
    Who am I? I was born in 1898. I made a living by acting. I was the first Black person to win and Oscar for best supporting role in a classic movie.
    Who am I? I was born in 1893. I was the first licensed African-American Pilot. Because my desire to enter flight school was denied in the United States, I trained in France, where I received my license.
    Who was the first black woman to run for President of the United States>
    Who was the first black woman licensed architect?
    Who is the most powerful political black woman in the world today?
    Who was the first Black Congresswoman from California
    In 1988, who was the first Black to win a medal at the Winter Olympics? What Sport?
    Who was the first Black female Millionaire?
    Who was the first Black to play in major league baseball?
    Moneeta Sleet, Jr. was the first Black man to receive a Pulitzer Prize. What was it awarded for?
    Negro History week was celebrated for the first time in February of what year?
    Who was the first Black woman Wimbledon Champions?
    Who was the first Black man to run for President of the United States and in what year?
    Who was the first Black mayor of NYC?
    Who was the first Black woman astronaut?
    Who was known as the World’s Fastest Woman and the first American woman to win 3 God Medals at the Olympic Games?
    Who was the first Black Woman to win a Nobel Prize for Literature?
    What was the name of the first Black woman Surgeon General?

    Black History Challenge – Civil Rights

    What a was person who worked for the freedom of slaves called?
    Where did the bus boycott of 1955 & 1956 take place and why did it work?
    In 1896, the U.S. Supreme Court denied a case that upheld a law for “equal but separate accommodations for white and colored races
    on passenger trains in Louisiana. What was the name of the case?
    What popular phrase was first used by Stokely Carmichael and was popular among Blacks in the 60’s?
    Who refused to move to the back of the bus, leading to the Montgomery bus boycott?
    In 195, who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and why?
    What was the name of the speech given by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. during the March on Washington in 1963?
    In which motel was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. slain?
    What immortal words appeared on the tombstone of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.?
    IN what Boston Church did Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. preach?
    What was the name of the1954 U.S. Supreme court case which said the doctrine of “separate but equal” in the nations’ public schools was unconstitutional?
    In 1919, it was illegal for Blacks and Whites to live on the same block in this Maryland city. What was the name of the city?
    Where did Crispus Attucks die? Why is he important in Black history?
    From which college did Booker T. Washington graduate?
    In1986, Booker T. Washington received an honorary degree from what university?
    What was the separation of Blacks and Whites in South Africa called?
    What Black woman advisor to President Roosevelt was also an educator and started her own college?
    Who one the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984?
    What was the other name for El-Heff Malik El-Shabazz?
    What was the name of the law that segregated the railroad cars?
    Who was the Black man famous for wanting African=Americans to immigrate to Africa?
    What is the name of the program, which began in 1966, in which Boston students of color could attend suburban community schools?
    What Massachusetts town was W.E.B. Dubois born in?

    Black History Challenge – General Knowledge
    Who is popular for many inventions including peanut butter, sweet potatoes and soy bean by-products?
    Who is Col. Guion S. Bluford, Jr.?
    What did Elijah McCoy invent?
    Who invented the gas mask and traffic light?
    What famous scientist discovered a process for storing blood and created the first blood bank, but died after an automobile accident in 1950 from loss of blood because Blacks were prohibited from being treated at certain hospitals?
    Who invented the shoe lasting machine in 1883? It held the sole, arranged the leather over it, drove the nails, and did this all in one minute?
    In 1893, who performed the world’s first successful open heart surgery with out anesthesia?
    In 1891, who was awarded a patent for his refrigerator?
    In 1891, who was awarded a patent for his street letterbox?
    In 1897, who was awarded a patent for his pencil sharpener?
    In 1794, who patented the cotton gin based on the ideas and plans of a slave?
    In 1985, who was the first Black astronaut to pilot the space shuttle Challenger?
    On August 5, 1990, who was the first Black to sail alone around the world?
    Who invented the first clock in America?
    Who invented the ironing board in 1892?
    Who invented the horseshoe?
    Who is a famous neurosurgeon who separated Siamese twins joined at the head?
    Whoa did Andrew Beard invent?
    Norbert Rillieux was an engineer who developed a safe method for certain products to be refined. What was that product?
    Percy Lavon Julian was a famous American research chemist who helped to develop a drug effective in relieving pain of arthritis sufferers. From what University did Julian receive his doctorate degree?
    Who was the electrical engineer, born in Chelsea, Massachusetts in 1848, who worked with Thomas Edison and developed the street lighting system for New York, Philadelphia, Montreal and London?
    “The Real
    McCoy’ is an expression named for the mechanical pioneer inventor, What was the name of that inventor?
    This African-American astronomer was one of the first Americans to publish and almanac. He was also first to build a clock made entirely of wood. In 1990, a United States postage stamp was issued in his honor. Who was he?
    Dr. Jane Wright is known for her research of a disease. What is the disease?
    This contemporary inventor has made significant contributions in the filed. One of this patents was for an electronic element called a resistor, He also developed components for computers, a burglarproof cash register, a chemical air filter and control unit for artificial heart stimulators. Who is he?

    Black History Challenge – Current Events

    What is the full name of the A.M.E. Church?
    What continent to African-Americans calls the “Motherland”?
    What poet wrote and read “On the Pulse of the Morning” at President Clinton’s first inauguration?
    Carol Mosely-Braun is a U.S. Senator for which state?
    One magazine founded by John H. Johnson is Ebony. What is the name of another magazine he founded?
    Where is Howard University located?
    What is the first Black sorority founded in the United States?
    What is the name of the brilliantly colored woven cotton cloth, originally produced by the Asante tribe and often worn by African-Americans as a declaration of their heritage?
    Apartheid is a policy of strict segregation and discrimination against non-whites. What country is known for having had this policy?
    Alex Haley wrote the story of his search for his ancestors both in this country and in Africa. This was later made into a film. What is the name of this book and film?
    What is the name of the African-American celebration that is an African inspired harvest festival in which seven principals of thought are celebrated?
    In what year did Clarence Tomas become the second African-American on the United States supreme Court?
    What is the name of the center in New York City, which was founded by Clara McBride Hale to service drug addicted babies and their mothers?
    Swahili is a language that is mainly spoken on what continent?
    Name one French speaking West African Nation?
    Who was released from a South African prison after being detained 27 years a as political prisoner?
    In what neighborhood of Boston is the museum of the National Center for African-American artists?
    The brick-meeting house was used as the first Black church in Boston and is the oldest existing Black church in the country. What is it called?
    What do the initials N.A.A.C.P. stand for?
    Name one Black news anchorperson?
    Name on historically Black college?
    What is the last day of Kwanzaa called?
    What is the name of the popular soul food restaurant located on Columbus Avenue in Boston?
    The film” Glory” portrayed the 54th Massachusetts regiment which was the first Black unity organized in the north during the civil. War. Who lead the regiment?
    What is the date of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday?


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  4. who was the first black woman to run for president of the united states and not Shirley

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  5. Some of these are Confusing

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  6. What are the answers?????

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  7. Where are the answers?

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  8. what did moneeta sleet jr. get the pulitzer prize for?

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  9. what did moneeta sleet jr. pulitzer prize Rewarded for?

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  10. What was the name of the brillantly colored woven cotten cloth produced br the asante tribe wirn by african americans as declaration of their heritage?

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  11. i don't now the aswer

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