28. China is overpopulated, …. is worrying.
(A) that which
(B) what
(C) how
(D) which
29. Italy is …. considered as a family-oriented
(A) not longer
(B) no longer
(C) not more
(D) no any more
30. Most countries …. find new solutions.
(A) are having to
(B) have have to
(C) must to
(D) must to have
31. China …. a fast-developing country.
(A) says to be
(B) is said to be
(C) is said it is
(D) it says it is
32. The elderly have to be taken care …. .
(A) for
(B) with
(C) at
(D) of
33. .… families .… before have a feeling of
(A) Less / than
(B) Fewer / that
(C) Fewer / than
(D) Less / that
34. Old people would like their houses ….
more comfortable.
(A) is
(B) would be
(C) to be
(D) should be
35. As he did not have enough money, he ....
live with his grandson.
(A) had to
(B) should have to
(C) must
(D) would have to

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