Social Studies

Why did President Abraham Lincoln want Reconstruction to be simple and easy?

Choices are:
A. He wanted to win the votes in the South in his reelection campaign.
B. He wanted to keep a good working relationship with former Confederates who would probably return to Congress.
C. He thought the United States would look bad to the rest of the world if it punished its own citizens for a simple act of rebellion.
D. He believed the southern states had never left the Union and therefore there was no need to go through a lengthy process to make them part of the United States again.

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  1. I'll be glad to check your answer.

  2. thanks for your help Ms. Sue !

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  3. Its D

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  4. so miss sue where the answers at tho?!

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  5. D

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  6. Yes is right! I got a 3/3! Thanks!

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  7. thanks... its right for connections

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  8. Yo yes's answers are wrong
    real answers

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  9. I have never gave anyone a false answer before just go in look, but "yes'" is 100% correct.

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  10. yes is 100% correct

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  11. Yes is right

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