Database Management

your projects should contain the following:
1. write a prosa text for a domain of your
own (maximum 1 A4 sheet of paper)
2. model this text in form of an EER diagram
or UML class diagram
3. create a SQL script for building all tables
and constraints to this model (using MySQL)
4. implement at least 3 SQL queries on this
tables (one join, one aggregation, one
group by and order by)
5. write a Java GUI using a table model which
shows the data from this data base (based
on JDBC 2 and MVC)
6. prepare a short presentation on the diagram
and relational model and a running program.

For a positive result not only a running program is
needed, but also well answers for my questions.

We will see on Mo 25th of February for AdvProgTech
and on We 27th of February for AdvDBSys.

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asked by Anonymous

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