Contemporary History

i have to write two papers, one about the causes and the other about the effects of world war II. how can i structure them so that i score well?

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  1. First, make an outline for the paper based upon your research. You should have three to five causes of the war. (The other paper would have three to five effects of the war.)

    Next, compose your thesis statement. Write your introduction with a grabber sentence to begin, a brief summary of the causes, and ending with your thesis statement.

    Your body should explain each of the causes clearly and logically, emphasizing your thesis.

    Finally, your conclusion will again summarize the causes and how they proved your thesis.

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    Ms. Sue
    In the Essay & Research Paper Level menu, there are many links that will help with organizing a paper; in fact, various types of papers.
    This site, also, has excellent information on the writing process, as well as organization and cohesion. Just click on the appropriate links.

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  3. thank you!

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