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I have one more from here and one from another group

Question: Va a pasear por la playa to abuela?


No, abuela ya pasearatrsr por la playa

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  1. It can't be "to" but must "tu" = No, mi abuela ya paseó por la playa.

    eek! what is "pasearatrsr???"


    P.S. Do you have the pattern for the Preterit? Here's the regular pattern verb "hablar"
    yo hablé, tú hablaste, él/ella/usted habló
    nosotros/nosotras hablamos, ellos/ellas/ustedes hablaron

    NOTE the endings after you drop the -ar of the infinitive: é, aste, ó, amos, aron

    Now, take the infinitive pasear, drop the -ar and add those endings:
    paseé (yes, two "e's" = one for the stem pase and one for the ending é., paseaste, paseó, paseamos, pasearon

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