Are my sentences correct?

I am japanese and I am also canadian.
Je suis japonaise et je suis canadienne aussi.

I am a student at university.
Je suis une etudiante a l'universite.

I live in richmond, a city in Canada.
J'habite a richmond, une ville au Canada.

I like to listen to modern music.
J'aime ecouter la musique moderne.

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  1. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Assuming you are female, be sure to capitalize certain words in English! (Japanese, Canadian, Richmond.)

    #2 = at the university = accent = université and accent grave on à

    #3 = the trend is to not use ¡a with habiter = J'habite Richmond.

    #4 = écouter = the words that require accent marks are considered incorrect without them!

    Good job! If you need to learn how to make accent marks on a computer, let us know if you have a PC or MAC, Windows or not.


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  2. I want to ask is it Je suis etudiante or Je suis une etudiante?

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  3. your sentences are correct but for a better translation:
    je suis japonais(e) et je suis aussi canadien(ne)
    j'étudie à l'université
    j'habite Richmond, une ville du canada
    j'aime écouter de la musique moderne

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  4. BON! Yes, much better word order. Just be sure to capitalize the first letter of each new sentence and the word "Canada."


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