Social Studies

I hope i can be helped with this question and i would be really grateful. I have being given an essay and the question goes like this. "How can helping others make one great". I would like at least three examples. Thank you.

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  1. Some of the most famous people who became great from helping others were:

    Abraham Lincoln who kept the nation together and freed the slaves
    Mohandas K. Gandhi who championed the poor people of India and helped his country become independent
    Mother Teresa who ministered to the sick and poor in India
    Martin Luther King, Jr. who helped African-Americans gain their civil rights
    Sojourner Truth who led many slaves to freedom
    President Theodore Roosevelt who established our national park system

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    Ms. Sue
  2. helping others helps your self estime, when a friend takes your advice in something means that they trust you an d it makes you more confident about yourself.

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  3. Remember also to identify the difference between empowering someone and enabling them.

    The people Ms. Sue mentioned were empowering people. They were able to give people the strength to do what they felt was the right thing.

    The Civil Rights movement in America got a huge kick start when Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus. Nobody held her hand during that time and said she should do it - she was empowered to do it on her own.

    The people who truly help others give them independence. A king is not necessarily empowered if he relies on his servants to do everything for him. He might have millitary power, but not real power.

    Something to think about!


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  4. Thanks guys, i think im all set now for what i have in mind. you have been of great help

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  5. Thanks

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  6. You're very welcome! :-)

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    Ms. Sue

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