Can an electric force between two point charges be negative?

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asked by Kyle
  1. no, i don't believe so

    posted by kk-gothgirl-kk
  2. Yes, and it will depend upon how you define the positive direction and where you are in between the charges. It also depends upon whether the charges have the same or opposite sign.

    Please ignore the disruptive comments and uninformed answers of "gothgirl", who will be dealt with appropriately.

    posted by drwls
  3. i just posted what i thought, it may have been wrong, but im sorry, who doesn't mess up sometimes??? it was a mistake. you can't honestly say you've never made a mistake.

    posted by kathy
  4. and by the way, how will i get dealt with properly? oh, if you can't tell... this is "gothgirl" sorry, it was a mistake, i should have posted that last time huh??????

    posted by kathy
  5. and what are the disruptive comments???

    posted by h8er_for_h8er

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