Algebra story problem

I need to turn this story into an algebra problem:
Your cousin ears $25 per week babysitting and receives one $5 bonus. You earn $15 per week mowing lawns and $12 a week running errands. After working the same number of weeks, you have $11 more than your cousin. Write and solve an equation to find how many weeks you worked. Is 2 1/2 weeks correct?

Show us your equations

Well I checked it an I realized that it wasn't right. My problem is that I don't know how to put it into an equation.

If the cousin had not gotten the bonus $5 you would have $16 more.
so You = 15+12=27
and your cousin = 25
You are +2 per week.

yes but to get $11 more than my cousin my chart says it'll take 7 weeks. I just don't know how to put those numbers into an equation.

You actually get $16 more than him as your regular earnings, the $5 bonus he got is throwing your chart off.

The equation is
25x + 5 + 11=(15 + 12)x
where x represents the number of weeks. The solution:
25x + 16 = 27x
16 = 27x - 25x
16 = 2x

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asked by Avalon
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    posted by shailyn
  2. It’s possible for anyone that thinks it is not possible it is.
    When you do the equation you have to subtract 7 so when you plugging everything back in you add seven
    The equation is: 5x+5=10x+8x-7 ⬇️
    15x + 5 = 18x - 7
    -15 -15x ⬇️
    5 = 3x - 7
    +7 +7
    12 = 3x - 7
    12/3 = 3x/3
    4 = x

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    posted by Robert

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