Georgia Studies/Social studies

I had a 57 question home work assignment and i need help with these last 4:
1. Which of Georgias cities was the least important in the early 1800s a.atlanta
c. Madison
d. Monroe
2.Qith which chirch was Bishop Richard Allen associated with in early 1800s?
a.Church of Later DAy Saints
b.First African Baptist Church
c.Roman Catholic Church
d. African Methodist Episcopal Church
3. Benjamin Franklins Most famous publication was
a. Poor Richard Almanack
b. Ben franklins autobiography
c.New ENglan Courant
d.Pennsylvania Gazette
4.Which invention did NOT contribute directly to the industrialazation of the United States durin the western expansion?
a. Cotton gin
b.Mechanical reper
c.The Franklin pot bellied stove
d. The water powered spinning machine


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  1. I don't know the first answer, but you'll find the next two answers in these websites.'s_Almanack

    Franklin's stove had least to do with industrialization.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. Richard Allen a founder of the African Methodist Episcopal Church and its first bishop

    Poor Richard Almanack
    The Franklin pot bellied stove
    My guess on the last one is Monroe, Ga.

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  3. i need to know what the war strategy that proved most advantageous to the north was.

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