yea it sais, three times one number added to another number is 18. twice the first number minus the other number is twelve.

find the numbers

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  1. x=first number
    y=second number

    3*x + y = 18
    2*x - y = 12

    You need to eliminate one of the variables and solve for the remaining one. In this problem, you can see that if the two equations are added together, the y variable is eliminated:

    3x + y = 18
    2x - y = 12
    5x + 0y = 30
    5x = 30

    plug the known x value into either equation to solve for y.
    taking the first one...
    3*6 + y = 18
    rearrange to get
    y = 0

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  2. hey thx man, i messed up that one cause i though added to another number ment it goes before it

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