I need to write sentences but i'm stuck on some words that I have not yet learn. Please fill me in.

How do you say "petted" (in imperfect passive tense on things I used to do when I was younger) and "holding onto"?

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asked by Alicia
  1. Thank you for reposting. Isn't this the very same one I just answered a few minutes ago? Please look below.

    Having looked for "piggy bank" here are the choices:
    1. many dictionaries did not have it
    2. one dictionary had "hucha" which is a feminine word
    3. one dictionary had "banquito de cerdo" which I find too literal; I wouldn't use it!
    4. another had the word I gave you for a child's coin bank = alcancΓ­a (fem.)


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    posted by SraJMcGin

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