algebra 2


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  1. -5 + or - 4i squareroot 5

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  2. -5 to both sides?
    so what about the u?
    in the parenthises with the five, what happens to that?

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  3. Take the (u+5)^2 and solve (u+5)(u+5)

    that gives you -6(u^2-10u-25)=120

    then distribute the -6

    -6u^2-60u-150= 120 then subtract 120 from both sides

    -6u^2-60u-270=0 then divide everythin by -6 giving you

    u^2+10u+45=0 then use the quadratic formula
    (-b +/- squareroot b^2 -4ac)/2a

    then you will get the answer. If you don't know how to use the quadratic formula then let me know.

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