flaws help please asap

In a 1995 Corporation for Public Broadcasting poll of TV viewership, one question was, “A recent study by a psychology professor at a leading university concluded that the amount of violence children see on television has an effect on their likelihood of being aggressive and committing crimes. From what you have seen or heard about this subject, do you agree strongly with that conclusion, agree somewhat, or disagree strongly?” Is this question appropriate, or is it flawed in some way? Comment briefly.

my answer is that i somewhat agree because not all children are violent. some children are not allowed to watch violent tv shows.

i don't know why it would be flawed though. may be b/c some parents actually cares about their child and not all children have unhappy lives

My Parents used it as an opening for a discussion about Media and its effects.
I have seen a lot of direct viewing to acting out activity. I have seen nearly all parents take steps to counter the effect when it first starts or, play selelected shows only. Jim Koobatian, head of the Philosophy dept. at Mt.San Jacinto College allowed his kids to see exactly one cartoon as they grew up, The Simpsons. When SpongeBob appeared, they got a choice of two.

this is about statistics

the rating people at w's esrb dotorg may have numbers

This poll rated TV viewers. How violent are non-TV viewers? It should have been a poll of all children, whether they watch no TV, watched TV w/o violence (whatever that can mean), and watched TV with violence.

Maybe violent kids watch TV.

"my answer is that i somewhat agree because not all children are violent. some children are not allowed to watch violent tv shows."

That is a flawed answer. The statement says that children who WATCH violent TV programs tend to be more violent. NOT that all children are violent because there are violent TV shows.

So, you should answer whether you agree or not that children who watch violent shows tend to be more violent.

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  1. There is no "disagree somewhat" choice!

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