How would I translate the sentence "it was good that the water was not cold?" into French? Would I need to use the subjunctive?


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  1. yes you would use subjunctive,
    something like:
    il etait bon que l'eau n'etait pas froid
    (accents on the first e in both etaits i think)

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  2. sorry i meant imperfect tense

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  3. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. C'était (or "Il était") bon que l'eau n'ait pas été froide.

    The Past (Imperfect) Subjunctive is literally gone from spoken speech and you would probably only see it in literature. The Perfect Subjunctive is commonly used. Bill is correct that the impersonal expression (c'est/il est...bon) is judgment and uses the Subjunctive.

    The word l'eau is a feminine word so the adjective froide will reflect that.


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  4. il était bon que l'eau n'ait pas été froide

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