so how do you figure out the equation

n/3 + 8 = 3/2 (n-1) + 1/6

i believe you have to multiply by the common denominator (12 in this case?) but i still am not getting to an answer.

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asked by Adrien
  1. n/3 + 8 = 3/2 (n-1) + 1/6
    n/3 + 8 = 3n/2 -3/2 + 1/6
    Now use a common denominator of 6.
    2n/6 + 8 = 9n/6 -9/6 + 1/6 = 9n/6 -8/6
    7n/6 = 8 + 8/6 = 56/6
    7n = 56
    n = 8

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    posted by drwls

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