Carbon tetrachloride (CCl4) and benzene (C6H6) form ideal solutions. Consider an equimolar solution of CCl4 and C6H6 at 25°C. The vapor above this solutionis collected and condensed. Using the following data, determine the composition in mole fraction of the condensed vapor.

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  1. You didn't furnish any data.
    If they are equimolar, then
    XCCl4 = 0.5 and
    XC6H6 = 0.5
    Then partial pressure CCl4 = XCCl4 x PoCCl4 and
    partial pressure C6H6 = XC6H6 x PoC6H6

    Total P = partial pressure CCl4 + partial pressure C6H6.

    XCCl4 in the vapor = PCCl4/total P.
    XC6H6 in the vapor = PC6H6/total P.
    This will be the composition on condensation.

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  2. Sorry, I didn't realize that data didn't it is..thank you for all your help!
    Substance ∆Gf°

    C6H6 (l) 124.50 kJ/mol
    C6H6 (g) 129.66 kJ/mol
    CCl4 (l) -65.21 kJ/mol
    CCl4 (g) -60.59 kJ/mol

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