A factory produces bicycles at a rate of 80+0.3t^2−1.1t bicycles per week (t in weeks). How many bicycles were produced from day 15 to 21?

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  1. Intgerate (.3t^2 - 1.1t + 80) dt from 15 to 21

    = .1t^3 - .55t^2 + 80t [12,15]
    = 1413 - 1063
    = 360

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  2. Very useful thanks!

    for mine I had 8 to 28 days, and my rate was different. I just typed: 0 to 3 integral 105+02t^2−09t into wolfram alpha and got 312 bicycles.

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  3. I don't understand how you got the [12,15] because in the problem it says 15 to 21 days

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