Could someone simplify this?


The "^" is an exponent, so it means "cubed" or "to the third power" in this case.

its means to the third power

I know that. -_- I need to simplify that monomial.


(3a)(3a)^3 = (3a)^4 =
(3^4)*(a)^4 = 81a^4

could you help me get into doing better math like pre algebra?

Look at the blue bar on the right. click on mathametics. Examine the choices.

math is like a game, or a puzzle. You learn to recognize which formula you need like recognizing a puzzle peice. Do the types you already know with numbers that are easy. then undo them (work them backwards, back to the numbers you started with) until you can do them in your head and showing your work is just a mistake check. Then move on to the next level in your studies and do it again. I used to do homework fun like that while I mowed the lawn.

Finding someone that you know who conciders math "Fun" to play math games with is a tremendous help.

That was for felecia.

zuhely herrera it do not going now call 215 367 4577 in this school okey bye ms castro
room 112

help thang you

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asked by Elton

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