Psychology Please Help!!!!

Billy Sue hated dresses, but loved dogs, horses, turtles, lizards, and frogs. Her grandmother, who knew how little girls should look, dragged her to the children's store and forced her into a lacy pink dress. Although Billy Sue scowled at her image in the mirror, grandmother was delighted. Grandmother's behavior was based on her concept of:

a. sexism.
b. Billy Sue's sex.
c. Billy's gender.
d. Billy Sue's gender role.

From my understanding I think it is a.

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  1. I believe the answer is d. because Billy Sue's grandmother believes girls should wear lacy pink dresses because in her culture that is how little girls should look.

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  2. D it is.

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  3. Yes, I know this is late but I strongly think it is B

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  4. I think it is B.

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