O.k. I'm 42 trying to help my nephew with algebra and lets just say it's been awhile....

Total money $ 101.25
45 more dimes than nickels
3 times as many quarters as dimes.

How many nickels, dimes & quarters?

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asked by Maura
  1. d times
    n nickels
    q quarters

    d = (n + 45)
    q = 3 d so q = 3(n+45)

    5 n + 10 d + 25 q = 10125

    n + 2 d + 5 q = 2025
    n + 2 (n+45) + 15 (n+45) = 2025

    n + 17(n+45) = 2025
    18 n + 765 = 2025
    18 n - 1260
    n = 70 nickels
    you can get the rest now

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    posted by Damon
  2. Got it. Man that felt good to actually solve a problem after all these years.

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    posted by Maura
  3. Hey, at least you are not 74 and trying to help :)

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    posted by Damon

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