Explain in your own words what it means for an equation to model a real world situation an give an example.
-it is right to say that when given a problem, we want to identify the quality of the problem we want to find, translate form word to algebra, and make up an equation base on given and solve for it. For example, LxWxH to determine how much space can take up.

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  1. I am on a limited budget for a long weekend to Maine. I have $100 and I have budgeted 40% for gas. My car is on empty and it gets 20 MPG. The average price of gas is $3.00 per gallon and the round trip to Maine is 300 miles. Do I have enough in my budget for Maine or am I going to have to change my plans and go to New Hampshire?

    b=budget g=gas for roundtrip
    c=cost of gas for roundtrip

    c=g x 3.00

    equation is c < b
    yes=going to Maine
    no=not going to Maine

    What is my budget for gas?
    b = budget

    b = 100 x .40 b = 40

    How many gallons of gas will I use roundtrip?
    g = gas

    g = 300/20 g = 15

    What is the total cost for gas?
    c = cost

    c = 15 x 3.00 c = 45.00

    Is c < 40.00

    Looks like I am not going to Maine

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