comment traduirez-vous en français "finger discount"??

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  1. Salut, mk-tintin! Je n'entends pas "finger discount" en anglais! Mais, je dirais: "l'escompte de doigt?" Avez-vous le contexte?


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  2. P.S. C'est ceci.......?

    Naughty naughty! A Chevron gas-station owner in Los Angeles told People that Britney Spears gave herself a five-finger discount on a blue lighter at his joint, but hopes she'll pay for the next time she comes in.

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  3. pardon

    c'est "five finger discount"

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  4. Voici la définition: get a five finger discount


    1. to steal.

    Submitted by Na'Imah McMillan, Atlanta, GA, USA, Aug 14 1997.

    Related words: to steal

    C'est de l'argot!


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  5. merci

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