Assume electricity cost 15 cents kw per hour....using the energy requirements.what is the per gram cost of energy to produce Na + AL?

Useful info: 2NaCL --> 2Na + CL2

around 600 degree C; 14 KJ per g Na.

1000 degrees C; 30 KJ per g Al
in cryalite (Na3AlF6) so can be liquid below Tm~2000 degrees C

The 15 cents you quoted would be per kilowatt-hour, not per kw/hour. Energy is the product of power and time.

For Na, if you need 14,000 J of electricity to make 1 gram, then make the conversions 14,000 J = 14,000 Watt-second= 14 kw-second = 14/3600 kw-hour = 0.00389 kw-hour

The cost would be 15 cents/kwh x 0.00389 kwh = 0.058 cents

Do the aluminum question the same way.

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