Please check answers, and correct if it is wrong!
1) How many bones are there in the adult spinal column? 26 bones
2) How many bones are there in the thoracic section?12
3) At what age are the curves fully developed?10

1) What rib/s are attached to the triangular manubrium? first pair of ribs
2) What are the two names of ribs 11 an 12? Floating ribs
3) What is the name of the most distal part of the sternum? xiphoid process
4) What are the first seven pairs of ribs called?true ribs
5) What is completed in the sternum at age 25? fusion/ossification

1) What is located inferior to the head of the radius?
2) What holds the radius and ulna together? interosseous membrane
3) What is used for sensory and motor perception in the arm?radial nerve
4) What part of the bone is the elbow? olecranon
5) What is the name of the superior row of carpal bones? Scaphoid bone, lunate bone, triquetrum, and pisiform bone

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