do any1 no some of the activities and exercises they do in the following:
2curves for women
3contours express
4live longer live better
5ladies workout express

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asked by Anonymous
  1. Please go to the websites for these facilities and check out which activities they offer. Or -- you can call each of them on Monday to find that information. I'm sure some of those are local and some may vary from place to place.

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    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. Well I think you can got to wikipedia for details on the yoga...but I do know that they focus on stretching, flexibility and inner spirituality and meditation as part of the exercises and that they utilize different positions (more specifically postures) in order to do so. Curves for women utilizes the theory of circuit exercising - you can stay on machine for a certain amoutn of time, say 5 minutes, before switching to another and completing all of the exercises in your 'circuit'. Some of the exercises they do are spinning, weight lifting, weight bikes, etc.

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    posted by chrisalis

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