algebra 2..again

2y^3-10y^2+12y...need to factor again..i got to the second step...
2y(y^2-5y+6)...think that's right but i don't get how to factor that plz..

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asked by gq
  1. Go for one more factoring step and you get
    2 y (y-2)(y-3)

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    posted by drwls
  2. Try it this way...

    2y^3 - 10y^2 + 12y

    Switch A&C to make it easier (always acceptable, just remember to keep your signs):
    12y - 10y^2 + 2y^3

    Factor out a GCF, in this case it's 2y:
    2y(6 - 5y + y^2)

    Next, factor a trinomial:
    2y(2 - 1y)(3 - 1y)

    This trinomial is your final answer.

    Hope this helps you!

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    posted by Jason

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