Can you explain slope (y=mx+b) i am having difficulty grasping the concept?

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  1. y = m x + b will graph as a straight line. Try graphing it to see what m and b mean.
    First make a mark at x = 0 and y = b. That is point (0,b) and is called the y axis intercept. That is what the b means.
    Now from that point go right one unit in x and up m units in y.
    That is another point on the line (1, b+m)
    That is what slope, m , means. When you go right one, you go up m.
    Two points determine the line, so take a ruler and draw that line through the two points. That is your graph of the equation y = m x + b.

    Of course You can see right away that (0,b) lies on the line because when x = 0
    y = 0 + b
    but that second point has to be shown.
    (1, b+m)
    put it in the equation
    y = m x + b
    b + m = m (1) + b ? sure enough

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