I need help conjugating the verb Pasar into prsent tense, imperfect tense, preterite, -ing, tu affirmative command, Ud. affirmative command, Uds. affirmative command, future, and conditional tense.

I also need to conjugate Tener into present tense.

I am having trouble because I switched from studying a few years of French to studying Spanish.

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asked by Christian
  1. The first is an excellent site for helping you learn how to conjugate verbs. Conjugating verbs in Spanish is much easier than doing it in French. Most verbs are regular; therefore, you just need to learn the regular forms for "ar" "er" and "ir" verb. Then MEMORIZE the irregularities.

    This one is a "quick fix"... I recommend working with the first one.

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    posted by GuruBlue
  2. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Don't forget your textbook, because if it is a good book, in the back (appendix) it will h ave pattern verbs in all the tenses. Also, "pasar" is a regular -ar verb, like the pattern verb "hablar."

    I suggest you invest in the paperback book 201 or 501 Spanish Verbs where each page is dedicated to a different verb with all the forms.

    If you aren't sure, type the verbs out and we'll be glad to check them for you.


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    posted by SraJMcGin

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