I have a research about September 11 2001 crash
so i need to know
the action taken by :
Market management in the stock exchange
I don't understand what is meant by market management
can anyone tell me or give me example i would be thankful

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  1. At the time of the terrorists attacks many of the supermarkets across the US were overwhelmed with people rushing to the stores to buy food, water, and rice krispy treats.

    Because of this many of the Managers at the Markets started to manage their stores differently.

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  2. This information about 9/11 and the stock market may also help you.,_2001_attacks

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    Ms. Sue
  3. I suspect they mean the management at the New York Stock Exchange which is part of the Wall Street area money management center in the area of the World Trade Center.
    I do not recall if they halted trading on the stock exchange but assume they did. Try google for NYSE and World Trade Center and terrorist.

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  4. Here is a tiny bit of what I found:
    The NYSE was evacuated because of the World Trade Center bombing and closed for the day. The Nasdaq had planned to open, but later announced that it would remain closed for the day.

    An early rally based on a positive pre-announcement from Nokia fell apart on the news, as index futures and foreign markets plunged.

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