curriculum development project

My topic is community and I have to form a paragraph from the 10 activity plans such as math, science literacy, dramatic play, language and literature, puppets, music and movement, sensory centers, art, science and social studies. the paragraph consist of one activity

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asked by Maryann
  1. For which age group are you developing this curriculum?

    Which activity have you chosen?

    After you answer these questions, I'll be glad to help you develop your paragraph.

  2. 3 to 4yrs old

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    posted by Maryann
  3. What do you want to teach the children about community?

    Which activity do you want to use to accomplish this goal?

  4. all the activities that were mention

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    posted by Maryann
  5. Your directions state that you should choose one activity for your paragraph.

    You must be very clear about WHAT you want the children. Then you can choose the one activity that will best accomplish this goal.

  6. You should be clear about what you want the children to LEARN.

  7. what I want the children to learn is that in that learning starts in the community with everyone helping each child to grow and learn because the children learn through play

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    posted by Maryann

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