To Reiny

Reiny could you please check my Calculus post below, it says Calculus--Reiny.

asked by -Untamed-
  1. done, check it

    posted by Reiny
  2. Thanks, so that - does not matter, cause Im supposed to add all of them, and the answer I got was 37 which is the exact same answer in my textbook.

    posted by -Untamed-
  3. Then your question should have been
    √2(√5-12√3) + √3(√8-2√30)

    If they have 37 for the way you typed it, then the book is wrong. Check your typing.

    Of course the "-" matters.

    posted by Reiny
  4. Oh Ok, so yeah the book is wrong, I checked again, and yeah that negative sign is an error in the book. That would have totally messed me up.

    posted by -Untamed-

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