Chemistry Please Help

Iron is found in Earths crust as several different iron compounds. Calculate the mass (in kg) of each compound that contains 1.0 x 10E3 kg of iron.
Please help step by step

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  1. I assume your 1.0 x 10E3 kg is your way of writing 1.0E3 kg.
    There is a shortcut you can use that is not taught in classrooms anymore (at least I don't think so) called using a chemical factor. Here is how you do it the simple way.
    1E3kg x (molar mass Fe2O3/2*atomic masss Fe) = ??kg Fe2O3.
    The part in parentheses is the chemical factor.

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  2. So this is what I did
    1E6kg x 1 mole Fe/55.85g= 17905 moles Fe
    17905 mole Fe x 1 mol Fe2o3/2mol Fe *159.70g/1moleFe2O3* 1kg/1000= 1429kg

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    posted by Monique
  3. Monique I have a question although this problem is from like 5 years ago. Where did you get the 6 from th 1E6kg? Should it be 1E3 Kg?

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    posted by Phillip

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