Math 116 A

7X+4>-13 or 9x+4>-23
The solution of the compound inequality is ? I am totally lost!!!!!!!!

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  1. All you have to do is solve each inequality, then pick all values for x that satisfy either one.

    7x+4 > -13
    7x > -17
    x > -17/7

    9x+4 > -23
    9x > -27
    x > -3

    So, any x that is greater than -17/7, or which is greater than -3, solves the problem. Now, since -17/7 > -3, any value > -17/7 also satisfies the 2nd inequality.

    So, the final solution is x > -3. Any value above -3 satisfies one or the other inequality. If you graph the intervals on the number line, you'll see they overlap.

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  2. Do I use the [ ] or the () on the number line?

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