PUC raised money for the recent disaster victims.They decided to allocate the money in manner: 1/3 of the money goes for medical supplies, 1/4 of what was left brought tents,2/3 of the remaining went to water purification systems, the rest of the money was spent on shipping costs. If $400was allocated for water purification systems, How much money was allocated on each of the other categories? How much money did PUC raise for this cause?

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  1. $X = Amt. raised.

    X/3 = Amt. for med. supplies.

    1/4(2x/3)=2x/12 = x/6 = Amt. for tents.

    (2/3)(X-x/3-x/6) = (2/3)(X-3x/6) =
    (2/3)(3x/6) = = 6x/18 = x/3 = Amt. for water purification.

    x/3 = $400,
    X = $1200 = Amt. raised.

    x/3=1200 / 3 = $400 for med. supplies.

    x/6 = 1200 / 6 = $200 for tents.

    Bal = 1200 - 1000 = $200.

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