Organic Chemistry

An impure sample contains 0.95g of benzoic acid and 0.05 of salicylic acid. Solubilities in water of the two compounds are given in the following table.
Solubility at 20 degrees (g/10mL)
benzoic acid: 0.029
salicylic acid: 0.22

Solubility at 100 degrees (g/10mL)
benzoic acid: 0.680
salicylic acid: 6.67

what is the minimum volume of boiling water needed to dissolve the 1.0g sample?

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  1. The least soluble in benzoic acid and you have 0.95 g of it. Solubility is 0.680g benzoic acid/10 mL 100 degree water. We have 0.95 g sample.
    10 mL x (0.95g/0.68g) = ? mL needed.

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  2. 14.04ml

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  3. 23 ml

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