chem da

7.5g/cm cubed to kg/m cubed?
using dimensional analysis

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  1. The idea here is to use factors that convert from one unit to another. The placement of the factor (what's in the numerator and denominator) is done so that the unit you don't want to keep is canceled and the unit you want to keep is left. For example,
    there are 1000 g in 1 kg.
    7.5 g/cc x (1 kg/1000g) = ?? kg/cc
    Note the g unit in the numerator cancels with the g unit in the denominator to leave kg/cc. So you have taken care of the first conversion; i.e., that of g to kg.
    Now you do the other one.
    There are 100 cm in a meter or 100^3 cm^3 in a m^3.

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