help me rewrite this disorganised memo

because independence eve falls on a friday the day has been designated a saturdayfor workpurposes.Factories will close all day with stores open a half day only.saturday october 9,has been designated a sundaay with both factories and stores closed all day.Monday October 11 will be a wednesday for work purposes.Wednesday october 13 will be a business friday.Saturday october 16 wll be a sunday and sunday october 17 will be a monday.

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  1. We'll be glad to HELP you with this assignment.

    If you'll post your rewritten memo, we'll be glad to critique it and suggest improvements if necessary.

  2. 1. Put capital letters where they are needed.

    2. Put correct punctuation in wherever needed.

    3. Put a space after each period, comma, etc.

    4. Make sure you have no run-ons or fragments.

    Use this index to find explanations and examples of the things you have questions about:

    Re-post when you're ready.

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