Could you please have a look at these sentences, please? Thank you.

1) The Scottish managed to repulse the invasion by the Vikings.
They managed to fight the Vikings off.
2) Under James I's rule the Act of Union was signed, according to which Scotland became part of Great Britain.
Mark writes that before going to a summer camp he wasn't able to cook, iron,or wash his clothes.
3) (At the summer camp he had/learned (how) to do the housework himself and he learned ow to be independent.
4) Mary used to be afraid of dogs. One day her best friend got a puppy, Rufus. Once he jumped onto her knees but she managed to stay calm. Now, dogs don't scare her any longer.
5) When Rober was a child, he used to be very unfit because he never used to exercise. At secondary school he had a very good PE teacher who told him what to eat and gave him exercises. After six months he was much healthier and managed to play on (?) the school football team.

Is it correct to sa "I've been a Tim subscriber for 2 years?"

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  1. 1. OK

    2. comma needed

    3. Please proofread and repost.

    4. comma needed

    5. commas needed

    Yes, that phrasing is fine, too.

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