social studies

a. So with almost no impact on its sales and little concern amont its customers, should Wal-mart take on its critics and ight back, or shoul it focus on its business and let its results speak for themselves?
b. What should Wal-mart do, if anything, in regard to highlu publisied criticisms about the pay and benefits it awards to its employees? Should it ignore them or address them?
c. Finally should Wal-mart view environmentalists' complains as a threat or an opportunity for the company?

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asked by Irina
  1. Fighting back will cost - lawyers, court costs, etc. Concentrate on business as long as the criticism is not hurting their business.

    Jobs are so scarce that I know business executives now working for very little at Wal-mart, but happy to have some money coming in.

    Always focus on the positive, if you can, so use the complaints as an opportunity!


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