How many ways can you use Avoir? I know there is different ways, but im not sure of all of them.

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  1. It depends what you mean. If you mean using 1st person, 2nd person, etc it is J'ai(I have), Tu as(You have), Il/Elle/On a(He, She,Someone has),Nous avons(We have), Vous avez(They have pl.), Ils/Elles ont.

    If you mean tenses there are Present, Past, Imperfect, Present Participle, Passe compose, Subjunctive, Conditional, Passe simple, imperfect subjunctive, and imperative.

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  2. thank you. I think im going to get a good grade on this quiz tommorrow! woohoo!

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  3. Avoir is used in many idioms but the verb itself you can use in the Seven Simple Tenses: Present Indicative, Imperfect Indicative, Le Passé Simple (Past Definite or Simple Past), The Future, The Conditional, the Present Subjunctive, The Imperfect Subjunctive.

    When someone merely says "Past" that could be either The Imperfect or The Passé Composé.

    Then there are 7 Compound Tenses:
    The Past Indefinite or Compound Past (Le Passé Composé), The Pluperfect or Past Perfect Indicative (Le Plus-que-parfait de l'Indicatif), The Past Anterior (Le Passé Antérieur), The Future Perfect or Future Anterior (Le Futur Antérieur), The Conditional Perfect (Le Conditionnel Passé), The Past or Perfect Subjunctive (Le Passé du Subjonctif) and The Pluperfect or Past Perfect Subjunctive (Le Plus-que-parfait du Subjonctif)

    Then there are the Imperative or Command (L'Impératif), The Present Participle and finally the Past Participle.

    If you'd like avoir in any or all of those possibilities, just let me know!

    Sra (aka Mme)

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  4. thankyou!

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