What is the theme of this poem:

He seemed to know the harbour,
So leisurely he swam;
His fin,
Like a piece of sheet-iron,
And with knife-edge,
Stirred not a bubble
As it moved
With its base-line on the water.

His body was tubular
And tapered
And smoke-blue,
And as he passed the wharf
He turned,
And snapped at a flat-fish
That was dead and floating.
And I saw the flash of a white throat,
And a double row of white teeth,
And eyes of metallic grey,
Hard and narrow and slit.

Then out of the harbour,
With that three-cornered fin
Shearing without a bubble the water
He swam--
That strange fish,
Tubular, tapered, smoke-blue,
Part vulture, part wolf,
Part neither-- for his blood was cold.

Make sure you are clear on what "theme" means:

Then be sure to let us know what you think, and someone here will give you feedback.


This poem is obviously about a shark, but I don't understand the theme. In my view there is no moral theme. It is basically about the behavior of a type of shark. Could you give me feedback?

The behavior of a shark is right, and the shark is behaving according to his nature, right?

What do you generally think of when you hear the term "Mother Nature"? Is she kind? Is she cruel? Does she care??

Here are some quotation about Nature. See if anything strikes you.


who is it behacing acording to nature. Isn't it created that way. All sharks of the species behave that way. How is the related to nature.

That IS nature. He behaves according to his nature, not anything humans try to make him do or not do, be or not be. He is simply himself, a shark, and he behaves in the nature of sharks.

There's nothing moral or immoral here -- I guess you could say the shark is "amoral" -- http://www.answers.com/amoral


I dobn't think it's about the shark really i think that a diver or somethign can see the shark and his actions form somewhere

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asked by Gina

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